About me!

I graduated in Computer Engineering program from the European University of Lefke (EUL). I have been working as Software Developer, Web Developer and currently working as Team Lead.

Dreamer, researcher, and developer, this is how I call myself, actually, they are not only titles which I use to describes myself, they are the ways that describe how I live my life.

Life is so short to be obsessive for anything, and so long to be lazy, we should always keep learning more and more without losing humbleness, and always keep looking to find the ways which make us happy, always there should be balance, I believe that without having balance, it is not possible to catch harmony in anything whatever you do or will do.

Our world is changing extremely fast, even while you’re reading these sentences a lot of things happened already, do you know how many things happened during last 5 seconds? 205 thousand messages shared on Facebook, 23 thousand tweets tweeted, 17 million email has been sent, 47 new websites published, videos with 6 hours length are uploaded to YouTube and  300 hundred pictures shared via Instagram. All of them just happened in 5 seconds, and keep continue to happen, is there any other way to catch this extraordinary speed except keep learning?

I think, without wasting time for finding justifications which cover our lacks, the best thing which we can do is desiring to find the way to improve our knowledge and transcend all obstacles which are possible to face during going on our way.

I have a passion for creating, developing, this was same always and I hope will be same until the end of my life, because of I have that passion and I am eager to learn, I am pretty sure that I have chosen right professionality.

I am also photographer you can check some of my pictures on 500px and I will be so happy to get feedback about them, as I wrote before, we need to keep looking to find the ways which make us happy, photography one of them for me.

Ali Gulum



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