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Sentiment Analysis Part 3

This is the project where we are going to build an interface to communicate with the users, I could do this very easily with a console application, but I wanted to make it better than that, I wanted to show that ML.Net can be used for the real applications very easily.


Sentiment Analysis Part 2

In the previous article, we finished the first part of our example project, now we have Sentiment Analyst class which we can use for training data and making a prediction by passing real data to it. Today we are going to work on Part 2 which is going to be a trainer project, the project which is going to handle the training process.


Sentiment Analysis Part 1

The super strong wind of the Machine Learning is turning our heads incredibly, we see an example of the machine learning usage almost every area of the technology. Face detection, voice recognition, text recognition, etc. there are plenty of them, and each of them has a different type of approach to machine learning.


Microsoft ML .NET

ML .NET is the new framework which is developed by the Microsoft and released May 6th,2019 for the .Net ecosystem. It allows developers to create custom ML models using C# or F# without having to leave the .NET ecosystem. It is an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework which is designed as an extensible platform to consume other popular ML frameworks like Tensor-Flow, ONNX, Infer.NET, and more).


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows software to become able to make prediction of output by using various algorithm via learning from the input training data. To sum up, machine learning is the way to make software find out patterns for the solution by using the trained input data. The algorithm which we use to make software smarter are called “Machine Learning Algorithms”.


K-Nearest Neighbor

K-Nearest Neighbor is the one of the well-known and easy machine algorithm which is very suitable for a lot of real world problems such product recommendation, social media friend recommendation based on interest or social network of person.


Naive Bayes

Naive Bayes Algorithm is the algorithm which makes machines to be able to make predictions about the events which they don't have any knowledge about only by looking priors knowledge.


Distance Formulas

In the Machine Learning literature very often we can see the terms of distance computing. Some of the machine learning algorithms built upon this formulas such KNN, clustering etc. Here we are going to briefly see several types of the distance formulas which used by the machine learning algorithms.



Matrix is one of the mathematical models which is very useful while working on data set which we feed machine learning algorithms. Simply, we can call matrix as an array of object in machine learning case (from the mathematical side we can call it as an array of numbers).


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